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If this is a type of acupuncture, why don’t you use needles?

While the Auricular Therapy is a micro-system or a sub-set of acupuncture when we go to treat the patient, we can use needles or we can use magnets and we can use other devices that will send the stimulation of the ear to the brain and then on to the rest of the body. So fortunately, we don’t have to use needles to give good Auricular Therapy.

What is ZeroMed™?

Auricular Therapy (or Auriculotherapy) began in the 1950’s when Dr. Paul Nogier noticed that a local lay practitioner (mm Barrin) in Lyon, France was treating sciatica by cauterizing an area of the ear, which prompted him to investigate the relationship between locations on the ear and human anatomy. Nogiers first great discovery was the somatotopic presentation of the inverted fetus in the ear, the anatomic regions of the fetus corresponding to specific zones of the ear. Nogier discovered that pain in any part of the body could be relieved by either needling, cauterizing, massaging or electrically stimulating the region of the ear that corresponded to the anatomical area of the pain. These discoveries were quickly adopted by the Chinese and included in their Traditional Chinese Medicine practices. Nogier called the process Auriculotherapy. It has become widely known as a treatment for pain and other related medical disorders and has been used in the combined therapies to treat substance abuse.

In November of 1997, a consensus panel of the U.S National Institutes of Health gave conditional approval of the practice of acupuncture. They included an evaluation of those studies, which supported the use of ear acupuncture for pain relief and addiction treatment. In fact, over 1,000 rehabilitation centers incorporate auricular therapy into their addiction programs.

How long should I wear the Zeromed™?

The ZeroMed should be worn as directed in the manual provided with your kit.

How are the ZeroMed™ magnets different from any other magnet?

The ZeroMed™ kit has been designed with a very specific strength and a very specific size; and additionally they are encapsulated in 24 carat gold which decreases the allergic response in the tissues of the ear.

What should I do if the magnets hurt my ear?

For most people the magnets do not become tender on the ear until after a couple of hours of use. However, if they do, you can change the position from one ear to the other ear and back and forth even every thirty minutes if that’s required. Read the manual for correct use of the ZeroMed.

Who should avoid using ZeroMed™?

Results may vary. Health Warning: Please note the following warning: persons with pacemakers, defibrillators, implanted insulin pumps or other electro-medical devices should not use the ZeroMed™ product. Use should be avoided during pregnancy. For questions regarding ZeroMed™ or to inquire about a previously placed order please e-mail info@zeromed.org. Special offers are only available with online purchases.